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studies deals with processes of human communication, commonly defined as the sharing of symbols to create meaning. 120: Under the heading "Types of Abbreviation this article separately lists initialisms and acronyms, describing the latter as "Initialisms pronounced as single words but adds, "However, some linguists do not recognize a sharp distinction between acronyms and initialisms, but. "Acronyms (and other forms of abbreviation Department of Homeland Security, ". "Urban Legends Reference Pages: Language (Acronyms. 84 It is also common for a writer to coin an ad-hoc initialism for repeated use in an article. Some examples of acronyms in this class are:.M. Others point out that language change has happened for thousands of years, and argue that it should be embraced as inevitable, or as innovation that adapts the language to changing circumstances.

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Business and industry also are prolific coiners of acronyms. In the case. Law is not always enforceable, especially in the international relations context. The term is also sometimes used to refer specifically to the field of sociology, the original "science of society established in the 19th century. A set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately, as FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation." "acronym". The interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary nature of scientific inquiry into human behaviour, social and environmental factors affecting it, made many of the natural sciences interested in some aspects of social science methodology. The Indonesian military (TNI Tentara Nasional Indonesia ) and Indonesian police (polri Kepolisian Republik Indonesia ) are infamous for heavy acronyms use. Archived from the original on April 10, 2007.


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In addition to the use of a specific number replacing that many letters, the more general "x" can be used to replace an unspecified number of letters. In addition, the online medium offers yet more aids, such as tooltips, hyperlinks, and rapid search via search engine technology. ; Tylor, Edward (1920). The rest of this article uses acronym for both types of abbreviation. The academic disciplines concerned with society and the relationships between individuals in society. Government program) Recursive acronyms, in which the abbreviation refers to itself GNU : "GNU's not Unix!" Wine : "Wine is not an emulator" (originally, "Windows emulator These may go through multiple layers before the self-reference is found: hurd : "hird of Unix-replacing. They can be interpreted similar to American university appellations, such as "UPenn" or "Texas Tech." Some acronyms are shortened forms of the school's name, like how Hongik University Hongik Daehakgyo ) is shortened to Hongdae "Hong, the big school". In another example, the word " ( National People's Congress ) can be broken into four parts: " "the whole nation " "people " "representatives " "conference". kallio thai hieronta video seks massage

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