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to tube tallinn estonia escorts

and again in April 1943. 318; Whitley 1991,. The Soviet Union used their ship until about the same time before scrapping it in 1956. T34 sank during gunnery training while still working up after hitting a mine on 20 November. T28 began a long refit upon her arrival that was not completed until early June. to tube tallinn estonia escorts


The love plug escort - She from. Despite the expenditure of over 50 torpedoes and large quantities of ammunition, they were generally unsuccessful, only sinking the destroyer HNoMS Svenner on 6 June. T24, two minesweepers and Sperrbrecher 157 were escorting the aircraft repair ship Richtofen when they were attacked on the night of 14/15 August by the light cruiser HMS Mauritius and the destroyers HMS Ursa and hmcs Iroquois off Les Sables d'Olonne. Not long after the first pair arrived, they sank a British cruiser and an escort destroyer without loss or damage to themselves in the. French Destroyers: Torpilleurs d'Escadre Contre-Torpilleurs. 3 In service the steam consumption of the engine-room auxiliary machinery proved to be excessive and the boilers could not generate enough steam to drive the turbines at their designed capacity. They were tasked to escort convoys, blockade runners and submarines through the, english Channel and the, bay of Biscay. Other boats received a FuMO 63 K Hohentwiel radar on the searchlight platform. While attempting to lay a minefield in the Gulf of Finland on the night of 17/18 August, T22, T30, and T32 accidentally entered a German minefield and were sunk. The cruisers pursued the northern group and sank Z27, T25 and T26. 33, 313 Whitley,. The Type 39s displaced 1,318 metric tons (1,297 long tons) at standard load and 1,780 metric tons (1,750 long tons) at deep load. 23 On the night of 8/9 June, the four ships of the 8th Flotilla set out for Cherbourg, but were intercepted by eight Allied destroyers of the 10th Destroyer Flotilla in the Battle of Ushant. 205; Whitley 1991,. T36 was damaged by a mine during one such mission on 4 May and was sunk by Soviet aircraft the next day. She was hit once by Iroquois and Iroquois was lightly damaged during the attack. to tube tallinn estonia escorts

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